About Us


We are a Pest Control Company establish in 2009, Joint venture between Japan and Thailand. We have many services such as termite Control, Ants, Cockroaches, Rodents, Mosquitoes, Bedbugs, Fly Control and many more about pest.

We use concept “IPM” (Integrated Pest Management) not only kill pest but also protect customer environment from pest.



東京都千代田区外神田5-2-3 JR外神田ビル4階
TEL: 03-5826-4564(代) FAX: 03-5826-4555
E-mail: webmanager@one-step.co.jp

Philippines Office

Blk. 10 Lot 16 Earth St.
Mapayapa Vill. Pulang Lupa
Las Pinas Citiy Philippines 1740
TEL: +63(0)2846-9200
FAX: +63(0)2846-3635

Integrated Pest Management

One Step uses a unique environmental system that helps unwanted pests such as termites, rats, cockroaches or insects get out of our surroundings with the operation of well-trained professional technicians from Japan with safe, fast and efficient operations.


We have the technology to keep a history of access to the service. Service time monitoring and service reports to our customers.


  • อย. เลขที่ 1/2553
  • TPMA สมาคมกำจัดแมลง
  • Exterra กำจัดปลวกด้วยเหยื่อ
  • Sumitomo เคมีจากญี่ปุ่น

Our Technologies

We are always learning and using new methods of preventing and eliminating pests, as well as using new equipment and new chemicals that are safer for people. To deliver fast, timely and safety-focused services, you can ensure that your “home and business” is protected and eliminates pests that may be causing disease to you and your loved ones.‎